A child is laying on the grass reading a Rapids story. The story is popping out of the device into the real world as though it is coming to life.

Stories come to life,
one message at a time.

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Turn screen time into reading time

Each story is designed to make kids laugh, provoke their imagination and creates an engaging, learning experience.

How does it work?

  • Hundreds of Original Stories

    Explore our expanding library of hundreds of exclusive titles. We add dozens of new stories every month.

  • Read-Along

    Read along with Amazon Rapids and a cast of lifelike character voices.

  • Just Like a Screenplay

    Stories are told as if characters are chatting with each other, coming to life one message at a time.

  • Built-in Glossary

    Kids can easily look up the definition and pronunciation of a word to help build their reading confidence.

Popular Stories

  • Monsters in Training This story is part of a series. The cover art looks like a big scary monster behind some flames.
  • Computers vs. Penguins This story is part of a series. The cover art depicts three penguins offering a fish to some angry looking robots with computer screen heads.
  • Alien Invasion This story is part of a series. The cover art shows the Alien from the story who is holding up a polaroid picture of the boy from the story.
  • Polly Wants a Cheeseburger The cover art depicts a young girl with a puzzled look on her face and a green parrot talking about a cheeseburger.

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